OneDi (One Digital) is a transit service powered by Technovia Info Solutions Pvt Ltd bringing all elements of Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) under one platform. OneDi enables technologies for sensing, analysis, control and communications to ground transportation in order to improve safety, mobility and efficiency. OneDi also contributes to ease congestion, improve traffic management, minimize environmental impact and increase the benefits of transportation to commercial users and the public in general.

What we do

OneDi Smart Ticketing

Smartcard based transit ticketing with contactless payments having online & offline processing capabilities along with a mobile app ticketing platform for commuters & transit operators.

OneDi Track

Track your vehicles anywhere anytime. OneDi Track comes with a web & mobile app with realtime vehicle tracking, over speed alerts, route management, driver behavior, vehicle performance, immobilizer, temperature, fuel monitoring and many more.

OneDi Media

OneDi Media empowers brands through the new wave of indoor transit advertisements, making smarter use of the available transport networks. It also powers next stop announcement along with geography based advertising solution.

OneDi Fuel

OneDi Fuel is the ideal choice for large logistics service providers, small fleet operators and corporate customers who need complete control over their fleet's fueling. It comes with a smart chip based loyalty prepaid card for fuel purchase with cash back benefits.

OneDi Surveillance

OneDi Surveillance offers a one stop shop for all transit surveillance needs. We provide web/mobile application for viewing real time & historic videos. Choose from a wide range of camera options based on your needs & type of vehicle.

OneDi Feeder

OneDi powered electric vehicles offer last mile connectivity solution for transport operators & commuters. The solution inculcate a seamless mode of transport offering wonderful travel experience for the commuters.

OneDi - Intelligent Transport Solutions.

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